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Today, we are sharing a free e-book for learning English. Download this free e-book on your computer and read it. You will learn very very powerful tips for speaking English easily. Download your free e-book after you read some of the Introduction:

What is English fluency? What does it mean to speak English easily and automatically?
My definition is simple– you speak English automatically when your speech is effortless. You speak fluent English when the words come out of your mouth– without translation and without hesitation.

Sometimes this is called “thinking in English”, but truly automatic speech is even faster than that– there is no thinking. You donʼt think about the language at all you just speak as easily and effortlessly as you do with your native language.

Why is automatic fluent speech important? It is important because automatic English speaking is the key to getting results with English. Automatic speaking makes it easy to connect with native speakers. As an automatic English speaker, it is easy for you to make friends, participate in business meetings, talk to customers, understand movies,
and get better jobs.

To get real results with English, you need to speak easily and automatically.

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47 thoughts on “Powerful English Speaking e-book download

  1. i wish to download eng learning book. the way of your meha\thed is more easy and attractive,push onlearning side

  2. Hi,I want to know how I learn to speak English well so I need some information about that such as e books and so on.

  3. hello um rumpa i want to learn eng and speak fluently. um trying to download effortless eng copy but um failed to download this copy i didn’t know how i download this. anybody who download this copy plz help me how i got it.

  4. i wish to download videos for young learners as my title to finished English department at the university ….thanks…..,,,as past as possible,,

  5. I definitely think that this is a great start for people who are looking to become more fluent, or learn the basics of speaking English. I will say that being able to think in English is definitely the best measure of how well you actually speak the language.

    If you can automatically speak without hesitating, or without needing to “think it through,” then you’re well on your way to being very fluent in the language that you are learning.

    I would highly recommend though that you start here with the basics with these free e-book and then once you are done with it, move on towards videos and speaking programs as they will aide you with better quality.

  6. I want Learn English to Improve my Knowledge Well Because I am working in International Organization

  7. Hi Sushma, that’s great. Keep listening easy and interesting English materials so that you will improve your speaking skills.

  8. I listen all effortless english rules. That’s really great video. Thank you so much to clear my doubt by watching that videos.

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