English Fluency Tips: Learn to speak English fluently using the following tips.

First, imagine that your English study method is a car that will take you to your goal of fluency.   If you have an old slow car, with bad gasoline, it will take you a very long time to arrive at your destination.

You have probably been driving a very slow car.  What do I mean?  Well, to arrive quickly at English fluency you need high-energy gasoline and a powerful engine.

English Fluency Tips:

1. Powerful Emotion and Powerful Goals

Emotion and goals are the “gasoline” of English learning.  They add energy and power to any method you use.  When you are motivated when you think positively when you are excited when you are determined– you learn faster.  Most students forget this first and very important tip.   Without strong emotion, your progress will be slow… even if you use the best learning methods.

It™s like putting dirty old gasoline in a Ferrari…  the engine may be great but it can™t work with bad gas.   Likewise, no study method will work if your emotions are negative and low.

The first and most important tip for English fluency, therefore, is to develop big exciting goals for English and build your emotion.  Develop your enthusiasm, energy, and excitement for English.  Imagine your ultimate success!  Imagine fantastic jobs, incredible new international friends, great confidence.  Feel those emotions now!

2. Powerful Method: The Engine

Once you have super high-energy gasoline, you need to put it into a fast and powerful engine.

Many students have great motivation and energy.  They work very hard.  They have big dreams.  They have the fuel.. the gas.. for success.  The problem: is they are putting that energy into an old and broken engine.   In other words, they are using old traditional study methods that are slow.  It™s like putting race-car gas into an old 1920 Model-T car.

To get fluency fast, you need high energy (the gas) and fast powerful methods of learning English (the engine).

That™s what the 7 Rules of Effortless English are…  fast powerful methods.   Effortless English is a Ferrari…  all you need to do is add your energy to it and arrive quickly at English fluency.

7 Rules of Effortless English:

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