learn English grammar comperative superlative story

Learn English Comparative & Superlative Story

Do you want to learn English comparative and superlative with the easiest way? How stories might help to learn English grammar comparative & superlative subjects? Although you may be aware of English grammatical concepts, you should consider learning them if you are unable to use them properly when speaking English.

Listening to basic conversations on a regular basis might really help you learn English grammar. That’s when our short stories come in handy. We use a unique technique known as TPRS to help you grasp English grammar. As a consequence, if you use our English stories regularly, you’ll be able to correctly and naturally use grammatical principles when speaking English.

Learn English Grammar Comparative / Superlative

Our English courses will help you use the correct grammar in your English conversations. In this video, you will improve your “comparative and superlative” language skills.

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Reading English Story

There was a girl named Sofia. She was very rich. She hated her ex-boyfriend Joseph. So she wanted to be happier than Joseph. In fact, she wanted to be better than him all over. One day, she bought a new fast expensive Mercedes car. She said, “my car is faster and more expensive than Joseph’s car woowho!”.

But Joseph was richer than her. He bought a red Ferrari. It was the fastest and the most expensive car in the world. Sofia got angry and crazy.

The next day she bought a big house. She said, “my house is bigger than his house.” And Joseph bought a huge house. It was the biggest and the most beautiful house in the world. And Sofia got more and more crazy.

She bought a lot of expensive things to be happier than Joseph. But every time Joseph bought more expensive things. Then she said “I am not as rich as Joseph. I can’t be happier than him with money. There must be another way to be happier than him.” And she found it.

She gave all her wealth to charity to help homeless people. She spent less money. She ate less food. She studied yoga. Eventually, she became thinner. She became more healthy. And she became happier than she was before.

Automatically Use Correct Grammar

When speaking English, how can you utilize grammatical rules automatically? In order to speak English without translating phrases in your brain, you must employ grammatical rules repeatedly in conversations.

We use a special method called to listen and answer to improve your English speaking skills. We focus on a specific grammar term in each story lesson so that you can learn to use English grammar automatically and correctly in your English conversations.

In this video, you will listen to a story related to a specific grammar subject (comparative and superlative) and you are going to hear a lot of easy questions about the story. You should try to answer the easy questions out loud.

So you will practice English comparative and superlative grammar subject by answering the easy questions out loud. If you need extra time to answer the questions, just click the pause button, say your answer then click the play button to continue.

For you first time, If it is too difficult to say the answers just listen. It is very important to watch this video repeatedly. So you should shout your answers at the next times. With this method, you will gain confidence.

Learning English Grammar With Stories

learn English grammar comperative superlative storyYou will improve your English speaking skills fast. Because you will train your brain to speak English. English listening is the key to speak English fluently. So you need to practice English listening and speaking every day for at least 15 minutes.  Don’t give up. Try to find time for it at least 15 min a day.

Our English Easy Practice course has many great story lessons to help you. You can practice English listening and speaking, with interactive short stories wherever and whenever you want. Download our Learning English grammar story audio mp3 story lessons and start speaking English today.

Download The English Easy Practice Lessons

You don’t need to wait for cargo. Our lessons are downloadable. After you download the course, you can easily put all of your lessons on your phone or mp3 player and take them wherever you go. To the gym, on your morning run, in the bus, in the car, anywhere.

Why are stories powerful?  Stories are ancient. (Ancient means very very old) for thousands of years, humans learned through stories. Before writing, people learned history, science, and religion with stories.

Reason number 1: stories are very easy to remember.  Stories give context to information. Context means a natural situation a connection. In other words, the information in a story is connected. For example, new vocabulary is connected to the characters, the action, the images in the story. You don’t learn the new word alone. You learn the new English word connected to the story. When you think of the new word you can imagine the part of the story it is connected to. So you remember new English vocabulary much faster when you learn it from a story.  The same is true with English grammar and pronunciation.

Reason 2: Stories are naturally emotional. Even a simple story has some emotion. Stories can be funny, scary, surprising, frustrating, happy. And when we connect emotion to information, we learn English faster and we remember it longer. So if you want to learn English fast and speak it fluently, you should use short stories for learning English.

Reason 3: Stories are more interesting and enjoyable. Because stories have emotion, characters, conflict (that means fighting or struggle or difficulty) they are naturally interesting to us. Obviously, it is much more fun to listen to a story than to study a textbook. Because it’s more fun you want to do it more often and for a longer time. With stories you listen longer and more often, learn faster, remember longer and enjoy it more. That’s why listening to stories is the best way to learn English.

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