Top 7 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

You may be willing and eager to improve your English speaking, but you don’t know anyone who speaks English, or you don’t feel confident enough yet to practice with a native. We’ve got you covered. Thanks to English Class 101 so that we can take Advantages Of Learning English Online.

You can improve your spoken English without a native with this mind-blowing and result-oriented ways to improve your English speaking. Relax, no speaking partner? No problem!

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

1) Shadowing

Shadowing is a proven learning technique where all you do is to repeat what you hear.

How Can I Practice Shadowing?

  • Access Any Audio Or Video English Speaking Lesson (Click here to access)
  • As You Listen Or Watch, Repeat The Conversation
  • If you’re using A Dialogue Section, Simply Read Along Out Loud with the Dialogue Section.

With shadowing, you can master the entire conversation with ease.

2) Read-Out-Loud

This is another powerful technique and deserves to be mention. With a real lesson that comprises of a written transcript and translations, you’re set to practice read-out-loud.

How Can I Practice Read-Out-Loud?

  • As You Play The Lesson, Read The Dialogue Out Loud As You Hear It
  • Practice With The Dialogue Tool And Listen To Each Line Again And Again
  • Repeat Out Loud Until You Master Them All.

By reading out loud, you’re also practicing speaking skills. You can also practice Read-Out-Loud with a lesson note, lesson transcript or the dialogue toll. We recommend practicing with the dialogue tool.

3) Speed Up Your Reading To Speed Up English Speaking

Being able to speak without thinking is a sign of language mastery. If you’re discussing with natives and can’t respond quickly, they will assume you’re fairly fluent.

How Can I Practice Speaking?

  • Read The Phrases In The Dialogue Tool Loudly And Try Increasing Your Speed Each Time You Read
  • As You Read, Try And Master The Words
  • On Your Second Try, You Have Mastered Most Of The Words So Read A Little Faster
  • Re-Read The Phrases Again And Again.

Like most learners, you will read the first line slowly that’s because you’re still mastering the words. As you keep reading, you will be even faster at a native speaker speed and being able to read these phrases fast and loud will help you speak fast.

7 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

YouTube video

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4) Record and Compare Yourself With Native Speakers

If you want to sound like a native speaker, you must imitate native speakers.

How Can I Do This?

  • Access A Voice Recorder Which Is In The Dialogue Study Tool In Every Lesson
  • Click On The Microphone
  • Listen To The Native Speakers Audio
  • Record Yourself Speaking
  • Compare The Two Recording Side By Side
  • Try Again And Again Until You Perfect Your Pronunciation.

By recording and comparing, you can identify your lapses and try to address them.

5) Get Feedback from a Premium Class Teacher

If you’re practicing alone and you don’t have access to real teachers, you can always get feedback from our premium class teachers.

How Can I Get Feedback From The Teacher?

  • With My Teacher Tool, You Can Record Yourself Speaking
  • Send The Audio File To Your Teacher
  • Your Teacher Will Review It And Tell You What To Improve And How.

This learning style has been proven to be result-oriented.

6) Level up Your Speaking with a Premium plus Assignment

With the English Class 101 premium plus, you can get assignments from your teacher which covers:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

These assignments are tailored to meet your goals and needs. At your own choice and pace, you will get a new learning English assignment every week or any time you’re ready for a new challenge.

7) Get More Lessons from the Lesson Library

If you want more lessons on English speaking and conversation, you can follow these steps:

We have successfully unlocked amazing ways to improve your English speaking. Now you know how to improve your English speaking by yourself and should feel confident doing so.

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Effortless English Course to Improve Your Speaking

Original Effortless English course is the first bundle of lessons which was published by A.J. Hoge. Lots of people tried these lessons and improved his or her listening and speaking skills very fast. There are lots of listening and practicing lessons into the course. Especially mini story lessons contains listen and anser method. So you can practice English speaking by yourself.

We aslo highly recommend you to use the Power English Course to improve your speaking skills. For the last 3 years the Power English course became the most popular course but the original Effortless English course is still useful to learn English speaking by listening mini story lessons.

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