Strategy 4: Learn English Vocabulary the Right Way

Lots of people will try to learn English vocabulary when they’re trying to learn English in general. Learning the vocabulary words is going to be important at some point. However, it shouldn’t be the main way that anyone learns to speak or write English. If you only know the vocabulary words, you’re only going to be able to recognize pieces of what someone has written. You may not be able to understand the whole message, and that is crucial to language learning. It makes more sense to focus on learning English phrases instead of English vocabulary words.

learn-english-vocabularyIf you learn English phrases, you will be able to communicate with people much more effectively. Most of the things that people say to each other are phrases that they will repeat time and time again. People don’t just recite nouns to one another. They just use those nouns within their speech. If you learn English phrases, you will also be able to learn English grammar that much more easily.

Phrases will involve nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. You will see verbs conjugated. Later, when you learn how to conjugate English verbs, you will probably remember how to do so more easily, since you’ve seen them conjugated correctly as part of the phrases you have seen. When you were first learning language as a child, you learned by repeating the phrases that the adults around you used.

You didn’t read the dictionary looking for new vocabulary words, at least not until you were much older and you were trying to use a more adult vocabulary. It’s a good idea to approach English language learning in a similar way. You can learn English vocabulary any time. You should start by learning English phrases and trying to get your language learning off the ground from there.

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