English Fluency Rule 3 Increase Your Motivation

download-english-mp3-lessonThis is the rule number 3 of English Fluency program. And is it about your brain. Because mindset and motivation very important for learning English fast. The first part of Lisa’s third strategy is motivation. Often, when people are learning a new language, they are doing so as a school or job requirement and have no intrinsic reason to learn that language.

The second part of Lisa’s third strategy is all about having a growth mindset. Most people feel that those with the talent to do something better than others are born with it. You can learn all details in this srategy lesson. You will notice below link to download free English mp3 + pdf lesson for this topic.

Of course you will be able to speak English fluently by following these useful strategies. We highly recommend you to use Success With Stories course to improve your listening English and speaking skills really fast.

Don’t read boring textbooks and not study grammar rules. All you need to do is to listen interesting mini stories and answer the easy questions out loud. So you will learn English speaking to make speaking practice with these lessons.

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