Effortless English Sample Lesson: Hitch

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Some new vocabulary in Mini Story Lesson:

swept off my feet: idiom.  fall  in  love  very strongly

need  some  space: idiom. need time alone, need time away from other people

into my career: idiom. focused on my job,   concentrating on my job

ain’t: v. (casual)  am not,  are  not,  is  not

wanna: v. want  to

hurt your feelings: idiom.  make you feel upset or sad or hurt.

that’s where I come in: idiom. that’s when I begin, that’s where I start.

open her eyes: idiom. make her understand, make her realize

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  2. he where you going i ike end lovre you so much come end telle me how to do end get a god english speaking

  3. i’m a 2nd- year ivorian student from English department in Abidjan and to tell the truth, this website is very efficient for people to get their english fluent..

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