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If you want to learn English fast and speak English fluently, you shouldn’t focus on grammar rules. In fact, the best way  to learn a foreign language is listening. You must focus on listening easy and interesting materials repeatedly. So Effortless English system offers you the most powerful lessons to help you to improve your English skills.

Power English course is very useful to practice listening and speaking with the mini story listen and answer lessons. You can download Effortless English courses easily into your computer and start to learn in 10 minutes. Now please watch below video to figure out how to download Effortless English lessons step by step.

Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, the director of Effortless English. And now, I want to show you how exactly you get your lesson. Because, all of my lessons are digital. That’s great because you get them right now. You don’t need to wait for the mail. There is no mail, there is no extra mail cost. Instead, I send you an e-mail with a link and then you click the link and you download each lesson set to your computer. You can use them right now, today, immediately. Read full transcript of the video.

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Download Learn Real English Course

learn-real-english-conversationsLearn Real English is the another powerful course which help you to improve your English listening and speaking skills. There are lots of idioms, slang and common expressions to learn in English. So if you want to understand real English, you should learn from the real English conversations.

Since all the lessons are digital (mp3-audio) you can downlaod all the lessons easily and use them in minutes.

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Effortless English 7 Rules:

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31 Comments on “Download Effortless English”

  1. One question:
    I’m confused about what to buy.
    Learn real english OR Effortless english?
    Please explain me what is the difference.
    If i pay $97.00 now do i have to continuing paing every month?
    What will i get?
    I need to order inmediately,BUT i need theses questions anwsered first.
    God bless you all.
    Jairo Giraldo

  2. Hello Jairo, First of all, I recommend you to buy Original Effortless English Lessons. When you buy Effortless English you will pay 97 usd only one time. You won’t have to pay any money next months. Also A.J. Hoge has started to sell Power English Lesson Set again. You can buy Power English Lessons also. It is very useful.

    Learn Real English lessons are belongs to A.J. Hoge and his a few friends. It is similar to Effortless English and It can be useful after study Effortless English.

  3. i want to speak english very well because i’m going to America to work but i can’t to get visa because my english in not good.

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  5. I am very happy to learn English with effortless English and I want to thank the creator Effortless because these methods are very interested ways to improve our goals. thank you again my teacher A.J

  6. sorry i downloaded all your lessons illegally and i learned a lot from them can i do sth about it

  7. i want 2 learn english in an easy way ….please help me….hw can i get this ???hw should i purchase it???can we get it for free…I WANT IT….

  8. I do not know much about this program, but I definitely think learning English from somebody else who is fluent in it, is a great idea versus trying to learn the language on your own.

    Being able to take lessons from someone, especially video lessons, allows you to learn at your own pace, and go back and re-learn anything if you get confused.

    There are a ton of different programs out there like this, but this one seems to have a reasonable price.

  9. I paied for effortless English and after few months i can’t get the lessons. <please
    fix the problem.. thanks Gus

  10. Hi, I’m an iranian member. I’ve been listen to english files fore along but I can’t understand fast english yet. I can’t understand english movies. Sometimes my listening power seems to be better but some times I feel it’s worse than before, I just don’t know why, please help me

  11. Hi Faezeh, it is pretty normal that you don’t understand movies and fast English speaking at the beginning. You should start from very easy and interesting materials to listen and read. You should listen 2 hours a day and soon, you will be able to understand and speak easily.

  12. Hi Khalid, you should listen and listen everyday. Because listening is the most useful activity to improve English.

  13. am beginner, what should I purchase and how to download. what is the total size and how many times I can download because I have poor internet connection if it is stopped when I download should I need to pay again?

  14. Hi Sir. I hope you be good and well.learning of English language is good. Because English language is an international languages.
    I must to learn English language. So I need your help…
    Thanks a lot…

  15. Hi, I’m a beginner. Wich course do you advice me for to learn English and speak without study grammar rules or indirectly like a baby?

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