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Dear Friend,

Do you feel confused during business meetings?

Is your job or career disappointing? Are you tired of doing the same old job?

Do you feel frustrated with your career?

Does your poor English speaking limit your career? Do you loseopportunities because you can’t speak excellent English?

What if your English speaking was excellent now? And what if you also had powerful new business skills?

What new opportunities would you have?

  • Would you have a better job?
  • Would you have your own international business?
  • Would you be financially free?
  • Would you have new international business contacts?

Do you feel bored with old English lessons? Do you feel bored with business and with business English? Don’t worry, you’re not alone– most students feel the same.

In fact, I feel the same. Have you noticed that most business English lessons are horribly boring? They are absolutely terrible!

Most business English lessons, in fact, teach business terms that are very old and very formal. The problem is, modern businesspeople don’t speak that way.

Business English Has Changed

Business has changed. Rapidly changing technology, the new global economy, and new management ideas have created a completely new kind of business.

Do you want to learn old business English, or do you want to learn new business and new business English?

If you are like me, you are a new businessperson.

  • You are independent.
  • You are an entrepreneur or freelancer, or you want to start a business.
  • You are creative.
  • You are a marketer and you want to learn internet marketing.
  • You are an international businessperson and you want more international contacts.
  • You are an action person and you make decisions fast.

If you are a new businessperson- I will help you. I will help you learn business English.

And I will help you learn new business skills.

New Business English Success Lessons

I have made new business English lessons just for you. They are called “Business English Success”.

If you are a freelancer you will love these lessons. If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll love them. If you hope to someday start your own business, you will love them. If you are an independent, creative businessperson, you will love them. If you are a marketer, or are interested in internet marketing, you will love them.

These are not old business English lessons. These are new business English lessons for the new business world.

Learn Business English and Learn New Business Skills

8 complete lesson sets include English lessons plus:

  • The new business secrets to improving in your job or career
  • The number one secret to success in new business
  • The “Effortless Success” audio-book, with text
  • How to start your own small business
  • How to market and grow your career or business online

I’m excited because these lessons teach both business English and new Business. You learn useful ideas to improve your job, career, or business. These lessons focus especially on freelancing, small business and internet business.

I’m excited because these lessons will improve your English AND yournew business life.

Business English Success, What You Get

When you download my Success (mp3) Lessons, you get everything you need to speak English easily and fast:

Did you know that you must learn vocabulary with your ears so you can use it quickly while speaking? Audio (listening) vocabulary lessons are 2-3 times more powerful than reading lessons. You learn phrases by listening. You download these lessons and put them on your computer or iPod. You listen to them anywhere.

Next, I use the powerful Listen & Answer method to teach you English automatically. You do not read the story, you listen to it many times and answer questions. This is the most powerful English lesson you will ever have. You learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in a completely natural way. You answer questions fast– and automatically.

Next are real audio articles. These are real English articles about interesting business topics. No textbooks, and no textbook English. You improve your listening, vocabulary, and speaking by listening to these articles. It is automatic.

Special Limited Low Price

Because you download all of these lessons, you can use them immediately. Improve your English right now. Don’t wait. There is no shipping. Immediately a link to the download page is emailed to you.

And there’s more good news- The Success Business English Lessons are only $57. This is a special, limited offer to subscribers of my Email Course.

Free Business English Success Bonus

When you order now, you get a bonus Free– Commentaries!

As a bonus, all of the lesson sets also include free Audio Commentaries. In the Commentaries, I talk casually about the Audio Article. I discuss my personal opinions about the ideas and suggestions in the articles.

Free Bonus 2

Order now and get a second bonus– The Effortless Success Audio-book

In this free audiobook, I discuss the detailed new business strategies for planning, product development, and marketing strategy that I have used to create business success. This strategy will help you improve your career and business. You learn business English deeply by listening to the audiobook.

And of course, there is a text version of the book, so you can read and listen at the same time.

When you order now you immediately receive the lessons, the commentaries, and the Effortless Success Audiobook. This is a special offer, only available now to you, my email subscriber.

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2 thoughts on “Business English Success

  1. I am very grateful for your video lessons. your pronunciation is so vivid, coherent and easy to understand. i would like to have this kind of lessons more and more to improve my English.

  2. Hi Sagira, keep reading and listening that kind of useful English video lesssons. You will learn English much faster and finally speak English fluently.

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