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Original Effortless English is the first bundle of lessons which was published by A.J. Hoge. Lots of people tried these lessons and improved his or her listening and speaking skills very fast. For the last 3 years the Power English course became the most popular course but the original Effortless English course is still useful to learn English speaking by listening mini story lessons.

Now watch below video to find out how the original Effortless English course will help you. Also you can find a free sample lesson set from this course and decide by yourself how useful it will be.

Original Effortless English is the best English course for low intermediate learners. Click that link to download free…

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English language tutorial industry is growing up rapid and fast. Every third person has opened his own institute to teach English language to the people who don’t know. Many people get admitted to these institutions regardless of knowing whether they are teaching right and original English language or not. People nowadays just want to have certificates.

Some people are also there who want to learn English language but they can’t trust on any person or institution that whether they will teach original and right English or are they just doing business.

Only for these we here have started providing you the best, easiest and effortless way to learn English language and even speak it fluently and confidently without any hesitation. We here provide you the full English learning course. This will save your time as well as your money. basically these courses are for the persons doing job and aren’t having that much time to attend English language classes. We here not only teach you to right correct English but also tell you the easiest ways to speak English fluently without any additional efforts.


Do you know why we call it an Original Effortless English course, because we will teach you the best way we can’t. After starting the course you will get to know that there isn’t any extra effort in learning English. The courses you will learn here will definitely be original. Our course will help you to be successful in your disabilities.


Does this happens with you,

  • You know English language but still feel hesitated to speak with someone in English with a fear of making a mistake.
  • Can’t speak English fluently that’s why you feel that native speakers will not be interested talking to you.
  • You can’t understand the native speakers while they speak English normally.
  • You want to speak English but make grammatical mistakes.
  • Don’t know enough English words and their meanings that’s why feel hesitated to speak English.
  • Do you make the same mistake again and again?
  • Even after so many years of learning, you still feel uncomfortable to speak English.
  • Feel embarrassed while sitting with friends and can’t speak English fluently.
  • You know perfect English but still want to reach to its higher level.
  • Don’t know how to speak English powerfully.
  • Feel like a failure because you don’t know how to speak English.
  • Feels like a failure while watching T.V or watching movies.

If all these happens with you and you want to learn super successful English without any mistake then you must join our course. we provide you the guarantee that after doing this course you will be powerful enough to speak fluent English without any mistake.


Here are some shortlisted ways we will teach you here to enhance your skills,

  • We will teach you original English guaranteed.
  • We will teach you through stories that will automatically help you to enhance your listening and viewing skills.
  • You will learn how to eliminate frustration while learning English.
  • We will teach you English in an enjoyable environment.
  • We will tell you the ways through which your listening skills will he enhanced and you will remember vocabulary with your ears not through your memorizing power.
  • Will teach you English in a relaxing environment.
  • Will tell you how you can improve your English by eliminating small mistakes daily.
  • Excitement in learning.
  • A slow study schedule that will take you towards success.
  • Ways through which you can learn English in an effective manner.
  • We will teach you how to speak fluent English.
  • We will tell you how to understand fast spoken English by natives through audio visuals.
  • we will tell you the ways through which you will increase your learning speed and enhance your language skills.
  • Will tell you how you can pay more attention so that you will be successful in learning correct and original English.
  • Will teach you how to speak fluent English which sounds great while listening.
  • We will make you able to eliminate your disabilities while writing or speaking English.


  • While speaking English language the first thing you should do is to feel confident.
  • You must have faith in yourself while speaking English.
  • First of all start to feel and think in English, if you have started this is will be the best and easiest way to learn English. The best speakers don’t ‘know’ English, the ‘feel’ the English.
  • Feel relax while speaking English.
  • You should know whatever you are speaking is correct error proof.
  • Start to speak English automatically as the native speakers (Americans, Britishers, Australians) start to speak automatically without thinking of vocabulary. this will enhance your fluency in English.
  • Feel strong and powerful while speaking because when you feel so you will see that your skills will automatically be enhanced.
  • Try to speak English in every mood. whether you are angry, sad, happy or emotional. If you are successful at this stage then you will successfully be succeeded to learn English.

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We guarantee you if you follow all above points, you will surely be a good speaker and writer of English. So don’t think anymore, if you want to enhance your skills and want to learn original, correct, effortless English or if you want fluency while speaking English then this course if just for you.

After doing this course you will surely tell other about this course proudly. so what are you waiting for? Come to us we will enhance your skills as much as a native speaker. after doing this course you will not hesitate anymore while speaking English and you will love to speak English in every aspect of life for sure.



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How Much Study English Listening

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We have to study English to learn and speak it. But how much time do we need to study English to be successful? Well, today’s topic we are going to watch and listen AJ Hoge to find out this question’s answer.

You know Effortless English lessons are audio mp3 listening files and you may listen them whenever and wherever you want. So watch below video to discover how much do you need to listen Effortless English audio lessons.

Hello, I ‘m AJ Hoge, the overseer of Effortless English. It’s here we are at today’s learner query. Here’s today’s question: AJ, just how much must I study English every day? A great query, it’s an excellent common query learners requests us constantly. AJ, exactly how much do I need to study English, you realize Half an hour each day, Forty minutes each day, an hour or so, what’s the greatest?

Well the very best could be Twenty-four hours a day. However you most likely need to rest ultimately. And you’ve got likely have your life. You almost certainly have a career or else you are gonna education. Maybe you’ve family. Perhaps you have a partner or perhaps a wife or a spouse, you might have kids. So you’ve a bussy lifestyle. Because of this, for most of us studying English Eight hrs each day or even Ten hrs each day, it’s not achievable, it’s far too much.

And that’s alright, since it is not really necessery. And so, my favorite solution for you personally is at minimum 1 hour each day, complete. And so, if you’re able to listen to English, study as well as learn English 1 hour each day, that’s a great deal. That may help you enhance, boost, continuously. You’ll overcome performing 1 hour each day.

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Right now, if you’re really bussy, perhaps 1 hour still appears like a great deal. Wow god, 1 hour per day, that’s a great deal. However it really is not too difficult if you get into parts. And so for instance 1 hour per day you might listen to English a quarter-hour whenever you awaken each morning. Later on, when you’re going to work or perhaps gonna school or cleaning the home, you may listen to English once again with regard to Fifteen minutes. Now you must Half an hour in that day.

After that later, when you’re returning home or perhaps your children go to school or else you will be in a bus or perhaps when you’re traveling you might listen an additional Fifteen minutes. You now tend to be as much as Forty-five minutes. And lastly before going to sleep you may listen to English once more to get Fifteen additional moments, that’s 1 hour, right. Simply tiny small parts throughout the day, everyone can do this. You are able to definitely do this. That provides you the minimal 1 hour each day.

Do this inside your English will boost. Your listening will certainly boost as well as your speaking enhance. One more thing, i don’t like that term study. Study English. Study features these feelings of faculty, can feel serious, feels boring if you ask me.

I enjoy the actual term play. Play English. As an example consider sports activities, a basketball gamer, right. That individuals perform basketball. Individuals are pleased to get out there and perform basketball for just one hour or so hrs or perhaps much more. People like to play football or soccer. These people play that.

While they tend to be training, while they are becoming much better the sensation within the feeling is actually play, enjoyable, pleasure. Well, I really want you to possess that very same sensation while you listen to English, training English ı really want you to play English don’t study it.

And so 1 hour mimimum daily. If that you can do much more that’s excellent. Obviously additional is much better. The more you are doing daily the quicker you’ll boost. If you perform 2 hours each day, once more break up that into parts. If you practice it 2 hours daily that’s better still. 3 hrs each day wonderful. 5 hours per day amazing.

Keep in mind, stick to the routine break points directly into parts. Make use of your ipod device, you are able to wander and exercise and also drive as well as relaxing in public transit or perhaps train you can perform other activities when you listen to English with your ipod device. And so make use of this technique a minumum of one hour per day. That’s the particular lowest and much more is superior.

That’s the solution today’s query. To understand more about the Effortless English program, sign up for the totally free e-mail program with effortlessenglishclub.com bye bye.

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Effortless English Video Lessons:

Psychology For Learning English Audio

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This is a new learning English audio lesson which you can download and listen again and again. AJ Hoge, Effortless English teacher, is talking about psychology and mood as affecting point for learning English. According to AJ, your mood is more important then methods. Click below link to download learning English audio.

Download your lesson

After right click on above link, save as a zip file including audio listening lesson and pdf text file. So you don’t need to read below text. Instead, you can read pdf text file which you downlaod.

P.S. Chechout our other downloadable audio lessons at bottom of this page.

English Learning Psychology

English-Learning-PsychologyAlmost all English students are absolute clever. The majority are extremely encouraged when they begin. Almost all students are very successful in class, for their perform, in their own company, and also in their relationships.

Exactly why do people numerous can not speak English easily and quickly? What is the problem. So why do folks who are typically very impressive lose out in this particular one region? There are two answers to that will issue:

1. Bad Systems

2. Bad Psychology

Learn English- Ways & Psychology

I discuss very much concerning English learning methods. You may already know, the grammar and textbook systems in schools are awful. They’re absolute disappointments. Limited persons will certainly learn to speak English very easily whenever they apply those techniques. That’s why I created the Effortless English system. It is a really method made to help you to speak and understand actual English.

However in case you benefit from my program, it’s just not good enough. Tony Robbins is right a fantastic method is merely 20% for success. The other one 80% will be psychology.

Psychology refers to: inspiration, energy, attitudes, rules, standards, and also feelings. Whenever learning English, psychology is really important. To succeed just as one great English speaker, you must learn to manage your feelings. You need to develop a psychology of achievement.

One primary way to do this can be to deal with your current psychological status. In fact, this might be the most crucial portion of achievement psychology. Poor emotional status will probably lead to failure, effective mental states come automatically to achievement.

For example, if you’re generally exhausted, annoyed, or depressed you can find it difficult to study English regularly. You’ll have bad concentration. Your entire memory shall be even worse. You will be much more about to give up, or even study within a passionate or even lazy way.

You need to learn to excel at how you feel. You need to become enthusiastic, thrilled, enthusiastic, as well as passionate every time you study English. Imagine happy and laughing every time you listen to English. Imagine becoming energetic and really happy, whenever you listen to English. Would likely that make you learn much more? Would likely that will make you learn faster? Would your current concentration be better? Would you improve a lot faster? İndeed yes to all!

So how do you apply it? Just how do you enter into a peak emotional status each time you listen to English? Here’s my own recommendation:

  1. Get some exciting, enthusiastic favorite songs which you Really like.
  2. Before you start listening to your own English lesson, use the music.
  3. As this exciting music performs, raise your head. Take a look up. Change your entire body. Pull your shoulders back. Stay tall in height. Now smile… be happy a large smile. Breathe deeply.
  4. So next, move your body. Dance using the new music. Keep looking upward. Continue to keep smiling. Jump together with dance. Raise your arms over your head while you jump and dancing and smile. Feel the pleasure also energy within the music.
  5. End and then tell you loudly, “Yes!”. Tell you this again, “Yes!”. One more time, “Yes!”
  6. Now play your English lesson. When you listen, keep the shoulders back again. Keep the eyes right up. Keep smiling. In fact, stand up and keep on switching. Walk and breathe deeply while you listen to that lesson.
  7. When you listen to the Mini-Story lessons, response all question noisally. Don’t be scared. Shout your own response! Make your head and eyes right up. Have a huge laugh with your face when you answer using a loud speech.
  8. If you begin to get exhausted or perhaps fed up whenever you want, pause the lesson. Play your popular music once more and replicate each of these steps. Increase the power to your body as well as your emotions. And then learn the lesson once more.

Simply by taking care of your feelings like this, you will study for a longer time, you can keep in mind a lot more, and you’ll learn 2-4 times much faster. You’ll as well educate you to ultimately be powerful and also assured any time you speak English.

Continually be with a maximum psychological status when you listen to my best lessons and you will then constantly learn considerably faster.

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