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Can you speak real English? Probably not. In school, you did not learn the real english that we actually speak. Your learned textbook english. For example in school, you learned “Hi, how are you? I am fine, and you?

But real people almost never say that. Real people say, “Hey, what’s up?” or “How is it going?” or “What you doing?” These are the real greetings that real people use. To understand real people, you must learn the real english that they use. To speak to real people, you must learn real english.

Whit Effortless English, you always learn real english. I teach you the english that we use in real conversations. You don’t learn textbook english , you always learn real english.

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6 thoughts on “Learn Real English

  1. Hello my best teachers thanks for your interesting to help anyone to improve his English . you are the best really im following your lessons to improve my English

  2. Well I will definitely agree with the video – there is a huge difference between what people read in textbooks versus what is actually used by real people in real life.

    I think the main difference here is that with textbooks the wording is often incredibly formal, and can be very wordy as well. Whereas, when you actually greet or have a conversation with a native speaker of English, they use what is called: Slang or Colloquial English – meaning we don’t say, “How are you doing today?” We say, “How are yeah?” Which is the same question but with slang words.

    I get where the guy is coming from and it seems like a legitimate program.

  3. Hi Chantelle Clark, thanks for your comments. I totally agree with you. In order to understand everyday English instantly and speak English fluently you must learn real English. Because it is so different from textbook English in schools. So I highly recommend Effortless English Lessons for our friends to learn real English.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I had purchased real English lesson few years ago. It has helped me a lot learn English. So do you have more lesson available ? I kind of finished listening them. So I am thinking to purchase more.


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