Strategy 6: Audio and Visual Learning

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Welcome back to your email course English Fluency Now’s 7 strategies for English fluency. I’m Lisa and I’m sharing 7 ways to become fluent in the English language. You may have already been practicing some of these, but I’m hoping some of it is new and useful to you in learning to be fluent in English. Start by immersing yourself in English. Listen to as much English as you can and listen to it repetitively. Never forget your motivation: The importance of a good attitude and a growing mindset for success! Increase your English vocabulary by learning phrases.

Strategy 6: Audio and visual learning at the same time.

As I mentioned before, I am currently learning French and the strategy is one I am implementing in my own language learning process. You may have noticed that this email course comes in two formats, an audio file and a PDF visual and audio English learning(portable document file) as text. This allows you to read along as I speak. From personal experience I know that it can be difficult to understand all the words and phrases especially as the content becomes more difficult and it is spoken much faster.

By listening to the audio while reading the text you can read the word as you hear them said so that instead of hearing the words running together as if one long word you can see them as individual words as you read along.

This means besides listening, listening, listening to English as often as possible through your day to really speed up your learning process I suggest you find as many audio and text resources as possible. One reason I created my website: englishfluencynow is to give you free audio and text content and offer other tools to help you become fluent in English much faster. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on the English fluency now wall on Facebook.

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Free Download English Audio And Pdf Lesson

You can download free English listening mp3 lesson with pdf text by clicking below link. You will improve your English listening and speaking skills soon.

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English Fluency Strategies (including downloadable mp3 lessons):

An Important Way to Achieve English Fluency

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Becoming fluent in English is definitely not easy. People all over the world want to learn English. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so learning it is very useful. However, English is also one of the trickiest languages for anyone to learn. The grammar rules of English often seem complicated and arbitrary. English is also a language that is very good at accepting new words from other languages. That makes English a flexible language, but it also means that it is even more difficult to learn English.

English-fluency-strategy-5One of the ways to achieve English fluency involves learning the parts of the language that you really find interesting and useful. If you’re not going to be spending too much time with your family members, you’re not going to need to learn all of the phrases that involve what to say on special occasions with families. If you’re not going to be attending a lot of academic conferences, the more academic phrases in English probably aren’t going to be that important to you. You should think about the parts of the language that you really need, and you should focus on those.

Even a lot of native English speakers don’t know everything. They have to look up new words in the dictionary too. The thing is, they have a basic grounding in English in the first place. From there, they have been able to expand. As an English learner, you can do the exact same thing. If you’re a social person, learn what to say in social situations. If you’re a scholar, learn what you need in order to read all of your favorite books in another language. If you’re a professional person, learn how to speak English like a professional in every way. It is less intimidating to learn English using this strategy.

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Download Free English Listening Mp3

Now you can download your free mp3+pdf lesson for this topic with below link:

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English Fluency Strategies:

English Movies And How To Enjoy Them Properly

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What makes English movies so interesting? First of all, the fact that they are made on four different continents, each of them bringing its one-of-a-kind atmosphere to the picture. Secondly, because Hollywood and English-speaking Bollywood happen to be the centers of movie industry in the 21st century, bringing a total of 850+ movies to viewers every year. And who can forget the classics like “Casablanca”, “Sounds of music” or “Some like it hot”?

SpeechyardIf you enjoy all the classic titles and modern blockbusters in the translation to your native language, you may miss some of the subtleties lost in translation. If you are not aware of foreign language and the culture, you might consider the jokes crude and stupid, and, as a result, develop a negative feeling towards a certain director or a whole genre. This isn’t a good way to enjoy the art of cinematography. Instead, it is highly recommended to watch English films with English subtitles. In this way, even if you are not the native speaker, you will understand the true idea behind every line. This makes comedies funnier and brings more true feelings to dramas. It also helps you fall in love with true voices of classic and modern actors.

On top of everything mentioned above, you can actually learn English through movies. Even if not 100% of all the words and expressions are clear to you, you can still understand some of the language intuitively, guess the meaning of some phrases and use the body language of the actors to get the notions that failed to be understood through words. This is a great way of passive learning. If you would like to move on to an active stage and use English movies with subtitles to actually study English, there’s no better place to go than Speechyard – an online service with hundreds of videos categorized to fit every taste. Watch the short clips, use the subtitles to look up the unfamiliar words, learn them and share your success stories with a huge online community. You might even find a new favorite TV series or a good English movie to watch later on just for sake of having some good time.

Remember that there are lots of English films already made and even more coming in the next few years, so, to enjoy the most of them, start watching English movies with English subtitles right now! And don’t forget the popcorn!

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