English vocabulary words video lessons from Rocket vocabulary. The fastest way to learn English vocabulary words is to use Rocket vocabulary video lessons. May be you know that the five thousand most common English vocabulary words and expressions will help you understand 95% of the English World?

Rocket Vocabulary Videos

How To Learn English vocabulary words and Phrasal Verbs: Native English speakers use phrasal verbs when they speak. Phrasal verbs are very common in social and business English. They give people the power to express complicated ideas with just a few words. If you want to speak English, then you need Phrasal Verbs! You can learn hundreds of phrasal verbs with Rocket Vocabulary.

What Will You Learn

English vocabulary words learning for social+business situations and for tests such as: —TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS.
The required grammar to use the vocabulary accurately and properly.
The correct pronunciation of each word and expression.
Your listening skills will improve by watching our classes

Stop using traditional and boring materials for vocabulary!

If you remember the words you just watched in our mini-clip videos, then you already know that our classes will improve your English Vocabulary quickly! WATCH IT & HEAR IT & READ IT & REPEAT IT. All together! In one software! You will learn much faster than any other method!

Effortless English Vocabulary Learning

I highly recommed you to look at Effortless English Rule 1. It is a very powerful vocabulary learning method. Learn English phrases, not individual words. So you will learn English vocabulary 3-4 times faster. Click here to watch video for Effortless English Rule 1.

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  1. Hi quauret, you can donwload free English listening mp3 lessons form gr8English. Simply click here and select lessons you want to download. If you want to download Original Effortless and Power English lessons, go to the Effortless English Club official website and get more information.

    After you buy Effortless English lesson set, you will get an e-mail from Effortless English. There will be a link for download page. You can download the lessons from there. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video that shows you how to download Effortless English lessons.

  2. hello,can i download your lessons?I like to be familiar with your methods with some examples,can i?

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