Learn Real English Rule 3: Listening Practice

Learn Real English Program bases on listening. Because, if you want to communicate with native speakers well, you need to do practice English listening a lot. In this post, you will learn rule number 3 of LRE. So please watch below video to find out why you should practice English listening, what you listen and how to do it. You will also be able to download free mp3 lesson wiht pdf text for this video content at the bottom of this post.

Learn Real English Rule 3 Video

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Know more about Learn Real English rule 3: learn English with your ears and not with your eyes

Rule # 3 comprises of two important things. The first thing is that you need to know what you have to listen to.

Listen to what?

learn-english-rule3Make sure that you are listening only to easy English. Easy English here means that you are able to understand more than 95% of the spoken English without stopping or making use of a dictionary.

This means that you can listen to some sort of a children’s program. Or even a children’s audio book. Or else you can listen to a children’s movie. In case you wish to increase the level, you may listen to a teenager’s program. Or else listen to an audio book for teenagers, or even a teenager movie. All these are examples of simple things that you can listen to in order to speak English fluently.

In case you have the text, then you can listen to something that is a little bit more difficult. This means that once you have the text, you can listen to an English lesson. Basically you need to be able to read along as you listen. If you can do that while listening, it is alright. You may also listen to an audio article, or even a speech. Just make sure that you have the text, and then everything would be okay.

When to listen?

The second important thing here is to know when to listen. You may wish to listen all the time. In that case you can get an mp3 player or even an iPod. This way you can listen all the time, whenever you want!

You can listen on your way to work, during your lunch break or even when you exercise. Listen when you are on your way home from work. You may listen in the evenings or just before you are going to bed. Basically you need to listen as much as you can.

As you can see, Rule # 3 is all about practice English listening first. It is really easy yet super powerful too. Just focus on learning by using your ears and not just your eyes. In fact, this is the most powerful rule for helping you to learn English in a quick way. Once you follow this rule, you would be on your way to speaking proper English fluently.

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