Learn Real English Rule 2. Don’t Study Grammar

Learn Real English conversations program will help you to understand native speakers and moives in English language. If you study and try to learn English by reading textbooks you will not understand real spoken English which uses in everyday life on the streets. Because real life is different from textbooks. There are so many idioms, slang and expressions in spoken language which you wont find them in textbooks.

Today, we share Learn Real English Rule number 2 with you. Now please watch below video to find out more about this rule. And don’t forget to download you free English listening mp3 lesson from below link.

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Forget Grammar Rules While Leaning Spoken English

While speaking English, do you find that you are not able to converse fluently? Thus, you have decided that you will learn how to speak English. After you started going to language school, the first thing your teacher told you was ‘learn grammar rules to speak English thoroughly.’ It’s true to learn English you need to know about grammar rules, but with that you will learn to write good English not speak!

Forget about Grammar rules while speaking English

Please do not get surprised that your teachers have asked you again and again to learn English Grammar rules, and I’m asking you to forget it!

Just think that whenever you had learned grammar, was the learning fun or you did it as you were advised to do so? Now, by learning so much about grammar rules are you able to speak English quickly and confidently? If your answer is ‘no’ then why don’t you listen, just forget about the grammar rules.

Forget about different voices, agreement of subject with a verb, tenses, and all others. When you speak English, you think whether you must use ‘between’ or ‘among’ in the sentence to make it correct. Now, while you are thinking, you slow down than others. You feel tensed and then while constructing the next sentence, you forget about grammar and English too! Thus, how does Grammar helps you when you are speaking?

Yes, grammar is helpful while you write English, then you get a lot of time to think what to write and what is correct. You can even check with books if you have any doubts, but while speaking you do not have much time. Thus, thinking about rules and then using them will make things too lengthy and you will surely forget about speaking confidently.

Learn the way a child learns

Have you ever though that which grammar book was completed by you before you started speaking in your native language? None, isn’t it? Then how did you learned to speak your native language?

Obviously, by listening to your Parents and family members spoke. Yes, listening is the best way by which you can learn any language. This is same for those children who are born and brought in English speaking families. They learn as they listen to it, it’s not foreign to them. For speaking they do not learn grammar rules, but they simply listen what others say.

If listening is one input for learning speaking English then reading English books is another input. The more you read the more idea you have about any subject. You are not asked to read your textbooks, as they will not interest you, rather read such books which have good and correct English and will interest you.

If you keep on listening to English and reading English books for a month you yourself can see the difference. Learning grammar rules will help you while writing English; while you speak they will be of no use. It will be your confidence that will help you speak good English. And how can you increase this confidence?

By listening to English speeches, news or watching English movies. So, stop studying grammar rules and hesitating before you speak in English.

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