How To Learn English Passionately

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Without energy, it’s hard to succeed. Without energy, it’s hard to do anything. If you have no energy, you can’t exercise. If you have no energy, probably your relationships will be bad. If you have no energy, you’re not going to learn English very well, you’re not going to learn anything very well. If you have no energy, you’re not going to be a good teacher. You’re not going to be a good father, you’re not going to be a good mother, nothing in your life will be excellent or even very good if you don’t have that energy and that passion. The passion drives everything else. It’s the fuel, it’s like the gasoline for your engine, for everything.

And so, to learn English, for example, you need to develop a passion for English, exciting reasons to learn English. Not just take a test, taking a test, who gets excited about taking a test? Almost nobody. In fact, usually it’s the opposite, right? Most of us get stressed about taking a test. Most of us have fear about taking tests. And it’s the same in schools, not just English. All of education, in almost every country, kils passion. Most classrooms, high school, elementary school, middle school, university, they kill passion, they kill that energy in the student unfortunately. It probably happened to you, it certainly happened to me when I was growing up. It’s happened to 99.9% of the students I have taught. When they come to me their passion has been diminished, lessened or even almost killed.

The good news is it’s never completely killed. You can find it again. Because naturally as human beings we love to learn, our brains love learning. So sitting in little desks and taking tests and being criticized by teachers and getting grades, all that bullshit, all that crap, it kills passion, it may have killed the passion in you so just forget about it. That part of your life is over. Thank god, yes, it’s over. Now you’re in charge, now you are responsible. Now you are learning because you want to learn, so do it in a way that gives you that passion, that gives you that excitement.

Find reasons to learn English that you love that are exciting. If you’re single, maybe you could get a girlfriend or a boyfriend by speaking English. Hmm, that would be fun…date someone from another country because of your great English skills. That would be great. If you’re a businessperson or want to be one, maybe you could make tons of money, lots and lots of money because of your great English skills. That would be great.

If you’re a parent, maybe because of your excellent English ability you could help your children learn English. Not the way you did, not the terrible way that is taught in schools, but in a much better way, a way that excites them so that your children have great opportunities in the future. Those are exciting reasons to learn English.

Maybe you could just make a lot of friends. Maybe you could make friends in the United States, in Canada, in the UK, in other countries, because we use English to connect with people in every country of the world. You could make friends in Japan, in Korea, in China, all through Europe, all through Asia, all through South America, Central America. You could have an incredible web of friendships, international friendships all over the world. You could find incredible, interesting books written in English. Maybe you can’t find them in your language.

So many cool, interesting opportunities open to you by being excellent with English. Because right now, at this moment in history, English is the international language. We use it for science. When scientists in different countries want to communicate, they use English. We use it for business. We use it for relationships. We use it so many ways right now so that’s why you’re learning English. Not to take some stupid test.

So find the reasons that make you feel passionate about learning English. And in your life in general, find things in your life that make you feel passionate. Get that energy going, not just with English but with everything in your life and your life will just feel so much more interesting and exciting. You will get this kind of energy, the kind of energy you hear in my voice, the kind of energy you see if you ever see Tony Robbins or read his books or listen to him, anybody who is doing well, anybody who is excited, anyone who has that energy, it’s because of this passion. They have passionate, interesting, compelling, exciting reasons to learn, to do what they do. Find those and you will get that energy too.

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