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What sould you do if you have difficulities when you triying to speak English? Sould we force ourselves to speak English? Well, in this post you will watch below video from AJ Hoge from Effortless English about forced English speaking.

Pressured English Speaking is an effective Idea?

Hello, I ‘m AJ Hoge, the manager of Effortless English. So here you are at today’s learner concern. This is common concern. Here’s the actual queststion: AJ, need to I pressure me personally to speak English?

My personal quick response is no. In common as well as in the Effortless English program, you don’t push you to ultimately do one thing. You realize, In English learning particularly, you will find type of 2 common behaviour. The first is the actual self-discipline concept. Therefore willpower is psychological pressure.

A person force yourself to examine, you are making you to ultimately examine. It is quite a concept, experiencing that English is tough. English isn’t pleasant, it’s not enjoyable. And also you require a lot of dicipline as well as self-discipline and push to enhance.

That’s the type of anormal thought or perhaps technique. Anormal perspective really, it isn’t idea, it’s attitude. Right now one more attitude, that may be the Effortless English attitude is the fact that English can be quite enjoyable. English could be pleasant and also you must not push yourself, you must would like to learn English, study English, exercise English since you enjoy it. Since it is a lot enjoyable.

I’ll provide you with a good example of this. Let’s say you like actively playing basketball, you enjoy basketball. It is really enjoyable, you enjoy it. Should you push your self to exercise or perhaps perform basketball, in this condition? Absolutely no, you wish to.

Each and every totally free second, you would like to go out and perform basketball right. Some individuals are like this some children love basketball a lot, they usually wish to play. There isn’t any push, absolutely no willpower. It’s effortless simply because they like it so much. It is really enjoyable and fun for the kids.

Those individuals learn quicker and get much better and become much more experienced then individuals that attempting to push it. Therefore think of the opposite; somebody that does indeed not like basketball however they feel should learn it. So daily they get out and say I have to exercise basketball, they might get out there and attempting to push on their own exercise.

We all know, everybody realizes that along with basketball the individual who enjoys it will learn more quickly and be much better. And also the person attempting to push this, ultimately they’ll wish to stop or perhaps they’ll learn a lot more slowly. They’ll never be is great.

We all know that with sports. However English we have a distinct concept in some way. Along with English we feel, “oh it really is painful and that we need to push it. It isn’t true, it really is a similar. If you use the correct technique, you’ll have fun here. You’ll have much more power and you’ll want to perform it daily.

We’ve Effortless English users, who listen to English, practice English, 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours each day. Now, they aren’t pushing themselves, it really is enjoyable for them. They will like it, they like it, they enjoy the lessons, they love English. They take pleasure in English speaking with people. It’s enjoyment, it’s hobby. And those people learn a great deal of more quickly. As well as their ability is so higher simply because they aren’t forcing.

Therefore that’s why i say, never force your self. If you feel you are forcing, that means something is wrong. It means, you have to change your method. Change your feelings, your motivation. You need to change something. You shold not need to force yourself.

And with speaking, specifically with speaking, don’t force yourself. If you want to speak, then of course speak English anytime you want to, sure speak English. Don’t worry about mistakes just speak. But if you feel really nervous and it makes you feel a lot of stres to try to speak then just relax.

Focus on more listening for a while. If you want to, you can focus on just listening for six months or seven months. By doing that, you will really improve your English speaking a lot. By improving you listening, you will improve your speaking. And it is less stressful maybe. And after four months or five months or six months of just listening, you will eventually want to speak. You won’t need to force it. So do not force speaking. Speak when you want to, but don’t force it.

As today’s Effortless English question. To learn more about the Effortless English system, and join our free email course, go to effortlessenglishclub.com bye bye.

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Speak English Easily

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Hi, I am AJ Hoge. I am the director of the Effortless English Club. Are you embarrassed wehen you speak English? Are you shy to speak English? Do you have bad English pronuncaition, so other people can not understand you?

Do you speak slowly? And have difficulity speaking English? Are you nervous about speaking English? Are you angry, that you still can not speak English after studying for so many years? Well, it is okay. You are normal.

Most English students feel these same feelings. Because, most English students use the same methods. Thew went to the same kind of schools. They use the same kind of textbooks, so they got the same kind of results. Most students can not speak English easily.

I am AJ Hoge again and I am the director of the Effortless English program. I have a master’s degree in teaching English. As a second or foreign language. And I have over twelve years of teaching experience. But more importantly, I have helped thousand of English students speak English easily, using my Effortless English system. And you too can speak English easily if you use my system.

You can speak English easily. You can use correct grammar when you speak. You can have clear pronunciation so everyone will understand you. You can speak quickly and fast without thinking. No thinking about grammar rules. The words will come out of your mouth automatically and easily.

This system has helped thousands of students and it can and will help you. Please read the rest of this web site to learn more about my Effortless English system and to get my Effortless English lessons.

In six months, you will succeed. In six months or less you will speak English easily. Good luck to you, thank you and enjoy my program. Goodbye.

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Power English Lessons

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Hi my dear readers and English learners. There are great news from Effortless English. Probably many of you know that AJ Hoge created Power English lesson set after Original Effortless English lessons,  and sold them for only one special day almost two years ago. He stopped to sell Power english until nowadays. And now Power English lesson are available to buy. You can click here to check it yourself.

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