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We are sharing a free English listening Mp3 Download Lessons set. This Free English listening lesson set belongs to Effortless English 3. Level. Right clik below download link and select “save as different” and download your free english listening mp3 lesson set in your computer. Yes, we said lesson set because, there is a pdf article, an audio lesson and an mp3 mini story lesson in the rar file. The lesson set’s name: Validation.

It is useful to remember as usual. Mini story mp3 lesson is the most important part of the Effortless English. So, Listen all lessons in the same lesson set every day for one week or more. However, listen mini story mp3 lesson many times every day. And answer simple questions which A.J. Hoge asked out loud. If you can not answer at the first time, no problem. Be relax and listen again. After one week, you will internalize new vocabulary, you will improve your understanding and you will start to use them automatically.

Download Link: English Listening Mp3 Download

There is no password for the rar file. So, enjoy your english listening mp3 lesson set. Study other Effortless English mp3 lessonsas also, we mentioned above. If you study english according to Effortless English Rules, you will improve much more quickly. And get the full effortless english listening mp3 lesson set, listen them everyday. In 6-8 months, you will speak english.

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  1. Marry on Cum, 13th Ağu 2010 11:28 am
  2. Great job for learning english. I m waiting for your lessons more. I am improving my english with your english lessons a lot. thank you.

  3. Sok Pheareak on Per, 26th Ağu 2010 1:58 am
  4. Great job for learning . i’m waiting for your lessons more .i am improving my English with your English lessons a lot. thank you .

  5. luckydream on Cts, 1st Eki 2011 7:11 am
  6. I want to accurate my pronunciation

  7. bilawal bhatti on Çar, 19th Eki 2011 10:20 am
  8. first of all I would like to thank for providing us such a nice way to learn English so easily.
    it is really a good way to start learning English .
    i have learnt a lot by these lessons and hoping for more lessons.
    thanks a lot

  9. winzawoo on Pts, 14th May 2012 5:26 pm
  10. i want to speak english

  11. Jamshid Ahmad on Paz, 26th Ağu 2012 11:13 am
  12. english

  13. Jamshid Ahmad on Paz, 26th Ağu 2012 11:14 am
  14. send me english lissons

  15. mohamed mafas on Cts, 22nd Eyl 2012 10:44 am
  16. hi sir i am a self study student in english, i use very easy metearial to learn english and i could not find
    English speaking people in my village then how can i speak in english?my self orwhat is your opinion?

  17. admin on Pts, 24th Eyl 2012 9:15 am
  18. Hi mohamed mafas, you can practice English speaking with yourself. Click here to learn how to do it.

  19. Narine on Paz, 21st Eki 2012 1:41 pm
  20. thanks a lot ,by your help noq i can leren english

  21. Rakesh Kumar Dhasmana on Paz, 25th Kas 2012 12:45 pm
  22. It is very helpful. Thanks a lot for your greatness.

  23. firooz on Cts, 5th Oca 2013 7:30 am
  24. thanks about these

  25. hanin on Cum, 15th Şub 2013 6:59 am
  26. hello, i need to improve my english pronunciation

  27. Balasubramanian on Pts, 18th Şub 2013 12:05 pm
  28. I want understand and speak english

  29. partha sarathi patra on Çar, 20th Şub 2013 12:15 pm
  30. I want to Learn English..Pls Help me How can I improve myself

  31. Afsar on Pts, 25th Şub 2013 5:37 am
  32. I want to learn Americon English

  33. naresh on Sal, 26th Şub 2013 7:40 am
  34. english speking

  35. amirreza on Pts, 3rd Haz 2013 2:51 pm
  36. I’m really sure that , these are some words that never response … 1st of all in learning A language is the time that u start learning it (age) and 2nd is ur IQ and the third and the others directly depend on these factors so u can’t say that these methods will work for all …. I’m sure that these wouldn’t work at all if ur disagree u can’t say that it works on me … if it was possible then i wouldn’t know 9 languages … :d

  37. mohammad on Çar, 14th Eki 2015 5:00 pm
  38. hi

  39. Satya prakash Singh on Cts, 11th Haz 2016 10:04 am
  40. Very nice English Speak.

    Today in the english.
    Not English not oher elements.
    Life in the very important English.

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