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Do you want to learn English online? Obtaining a different language presents you with doors and creates fresh opportunities. eTeacher allows you and enjoyment to learn a different language out of the comfort of your house.

Along with eTeacher, students attend an internet-based digital classroom and learn from specialist, native-speaking coaches. Lessons are actually managed within small groups or perhaps personal classes.

eTeacher is surely an intercontinental experience as well as a major service of internet education and learning. We think combining the effectiveness of modern technology, and top-class teachers with wonderful content is a way to offer our own clients together with the handiest, expert, and most helpful learning experience.

eTeacher’s online language academy was started in 2000, along with a large number of learners from above 100 nations who have participated in our own live, online courses year after year. Practical experience has proved that real-time relationships between teacher and learner are easily the most effective way to learn. And when thinking about a foreign language, there’s nothing more advantageous than learning with the most effective native teachers.

eteacher-englishe-Teacher English Online Learning

eTeacher’s virtual classes are performed via live video conferencing. Learners are able to see the teacher by using a webcam. They could talk with the teacher as well as other class members employing a headset & microphone. The particular lesson resources are actually given via a multi-media program on every student’s monitor. Training course materials will include a mix of typical and online content which has been designed particularly for online learning.

Working with eTeacher’s improved technology, you may now enjoy learning with the best teachers without leaving the convenience of your home.

eTeacher English Evaluation

Acquiring a new language opens doors and creates fresh opportunities. English is definitely the global language of business, journey, and diplomacy. Mastery of English is the better method to help you become an international citizen.

eTeacher is definitely happy to offer the ideal native English instructors from America, teaching you English for private, business, academic, or holiday desires.

eTeacher’s online courses are executed by means of live video conferencing. Learners can see the teacher through a webcam. They may speak with the teacher as well as other course members employing a complimentary Bluetooth headset & microphone stand from eTeacher. The course resources are displayed via multimedia software on every single student’s computer screen. Learning materials come with a mixture of content material that has been developed specifically for online learning.

Together with eTeacher, you learn online in tiny classes (6-8 students) or perhaps in individual training (one-on-one). Courses are scheduled depending on students’ locations, time zones, and private preferences. The actual group courses are depending on 1 of 2 intensity levels, with respect to the desires of the group.

For that greater intensity program, classes occur twice each week, as the lower intensity program is comprised of one particular course weekly. Learners can submit studying as well as learn fresh vocabulary in advance of each class. The private program (one-on-one teaching) allows learners to progress at a pace and intensity designed for their particular personal capability.

By using eTeacher’s improved technology, anyone can appreciate learning from the best teachers without leaving the convenience of your house. All of our teachers experience extensive training programs to ready them intended for online education. Following each and every period, students are motivated to rate the lesson, enabling us to keep our own regular training quality.

The English process is separated into two sessions:



The Basic track includes:

  • English Foundations – for learners with a minimum of qualifications in English.
  • Beginners – Three training
  • Intermediate – Three training
  • Advanced – 3 courses

The Professional track features:

  • Business English – Two courses
  • Academic English – Two training

What the other learners explained about the eTeacher English course (Testimonies)

I really enjoy learning using a teacher. Learning online from home is extremely simple, as well as the teacher is very experienced and helpful. (Daniel R., Germany)

I always believe it’s really a miracle that I can learn new languages from my personal comfy tiny apartment. I love learning together with eTeacher and each week I count the entire days before the following training! (Alex B., Belgium)

I have been pleased with both the teacher and also the material so far. The classes are usually paced perfectly and also I get the sense that you will care that we are learning. (Julia R., Netherlands)

I want to work with this possibility to thank you and all the E-TEACHER groups designed for an excellent online course. Julia and I joined up with the Advanced-II group 1 month ago. Our own teachers Sandra Rogers and also Julie Moskal are native English speakers with terrific expertise along with pedagogic skills.

Each of our courses is excellent English practicevocabulary, grammar, listening and conversation training, new the specifics of styles we all never thought to discuss. We actually think that our own English becomes better! We recommend this course to everyone who wishes to improve his English abilities via basic and achieve language expertise. All the best, Ksenia (Chagan Ksenia, Israel)

Certainly enjoying lessons – Great teacher – materials presented and also provided well – have never felt just about any success in past attempts to learn a language – at this moment I do – thank you. (Jones Michael, Canada)

Excellent-I actually anticipates these classes and am never ever unhappy. Every class is usually structured just a little differently which enriches the experience. (Feigelis Robin, USA)

Fantastic course. Even sometimes I’m really exhausted, the surroundings of the class maintain me energized and also interested. I absolutely love the strategy and I’m quite glad of the developments I’m making. (Zeev Binyamin, USA)

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