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We have to study English to learn and speak it. But how much time do we need to study English to be successful? Well, today’s topic we are going to watch and listen AJ Hoge to find out this question’s answer.

You know Effortless English lessons are audio mp3 listening files and you may listen them whenever and wherever you want. So watch below video to discover how much do you need to listen Effortless English audio lessons.

Hello, I ‘m AJ Hoge, the overseer of Effortless English. It’s here we are at today’s learner query. Here’s today’s question: AJ, just how much must I study English every day? A great query, it’s an excellent common query learners requests us constantly. AJ, exactly how much do I need to study English, you realize Half an hour each day, Forty minutes each day, an hour or so, what’s the greatest?

Well the very best could be Twenty-four hours a day. However you most likely need to rest ultimately. And you’ve got likely have your life. You almost certainly have a career or else you are gonna education. Maybe you’ve family. Perhaps you have a partner or perhaps a wife or a spouse, you might have kids. So you’ve a bussy lifestyle. Because of this, for most of us studying English Eight hrs each day or even Ten hrs each day, it’s not achievable, it’s far too much.

And that’s alright, since it is not really necessery. And so, my favorite solution for you personally is at minimum 1 hour each day, complete. And so, if you’re able to listen to English, study as well as learn English 1 hour each day, that’s a great deal. That may help you enhance, boost, continuously. You’ll overcome performing 1 hour each day.

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Right now, if you’re really bussy, perhaps 1 hour still appears like a great deal. Wow god, 1 hour per day, that’s a great deal. However it really is not too difficult if you get into parts. And so for instance 1 hour per day you might listen to English a quarter-hour whenever you awaken each morning. Later on, when you’re going to work or perhaps gonna school or cleaning the home, you may listen to English once again with regard to Fifteen minutes. Now you must Half an hour in that day.

After that later, when you’re returning home or perhaps your children go to school or else you will be in a bus or perhaps when you’re traveling you might listen an additional Fifteen minutes. You now tend to be as much as Forty-five minutes. And lastly before going to sleep you may listen to English once more to get Fifteen additional moments, that’s 1 hour, right. Simply tiny small parts throughout the day, everyone can do this. You are able to definitely do this. That provides you the minimal 1 hour each day.

Do this inside your English will boost. Your listening will certainly boost as well as your speaking enhance. One more thing, i don’t like that term study. Study English. Study features these feelings of faculty, can feel serious, feels boring if you ask me.

I enjoy the actual term play. Play English. As an example consider sports activities, a basketball gamer, right. That individuals perform basketball. Individuals are pleased to get out there and perform basketball for just one hour or so hrs or perhaps much more. People like to play football or soccer. These people play that.

While they tend to be training, while they are becoming much better the sensation within the feeling is actually play, enjoyable, pleasure. Well, I really want you to possess that very same sensation while you listen to English, training English ı really want you to play English don’t study it.

And so 1 hour mimimum daily. If that you can do much more that’s excellent. Obviously additional is much better. The more you are doing daily the quicker you’ll boost. If you perform 2 hours each day, once more break up that into parts. If you practice it 2 hours daily that’s better still. 3 hrs each day wonderful. 5 hours per day amazing.

Keep in mind, stick to the routine break points directly into parts. Make use of your ipod device, you are able to wander and exercise and also drive as well as relaxing in public transit or perhaps train you can perform other activities when you listen to English with your ipod device. And so make use of this technique a minumum of one hour per day. That’s the particular lowest and much more is superior.

That’s the solution today’s query. To understand more about the Effortless English program, sign up for the totally free e-mail program with bye bye.

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Lesson 12. All about you

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In this lesson we look at your character and words that describe it.

Students’ Writing and the Web: Motivator or OMG?

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Web browsers first appeared on computers in the early nineteen nineties. Since then, the Internet has greatly changed the way people communicate. But some teachers think the changes are not all for the better.

Eleanor Johnson is an English professor at Columbia University in New York City.

Professor Johnson says she thinks text messaging has made students believe that it is acceptable to make bad spelling and grammatical errors.

She says her students have increasingly used less formal English in their writing. She says words and phrases like “guy” and “you know” now appear in research papers.

And now she has to talk about another problem in class — incorrect word use. For example, a student uses “preclude” instead of “precede” when talking about one event coming before another. Preclude sounds like precede but it means prevent.

Professor Johnson suspects a strong link between the rise of instant and casual communication online and an increase in writing mistakes.

But she admits there may not be much scientific evidence, at least not yet.

David Crystal is a British linguist who has written more than one hundred books, including the book “Language and the Internet.” He says the actively changing nature of the Internet makes it difficult to stay current in studying its effects. But he believes its influence on language is small.

He says the main effect of the Internet on language has been to increase the expressive richness of language.

Erin Jansen is founder of Netlingo, an online dictionary of Internet and text messaging terms. She says the new technology has not changed existing language but has greatly added to the vocabulary. “Basically it’s a freedom of expression,” she says.

And what about teachers who find these new kinds of mistakes in spelling and grammar in their students’ work. What is her message to them?

Ms. Jansen says she tells them not to get angry or upset, but to get creative. Teachers and educators want to get children to communicate.

But Erin Jansen and David Crystal agree with Eleanor Johnson on at least one thing. Teachers need to make sure students understand the rules of language.

And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report. We want to know what you have to say about the effects of the Internet on language and writing. Post your comments at

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