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Learn Real English Program bases on listening. Because, if you want to communicate with native speakers well, you need to do practice English listening a lot. In this post, you will learn rule number 3 of LRE. So please watch below video to find out why you should practice English listening, what you listen and how to do it. You will also be able to download free mp3 lesson wiht pdf text for this video content at the bottom of this post.

Learn Real English Rule 3 Video

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Know more about Learn Real English rule 3: learn English with your ears and not with your eyes

Rule # 3 comprises of two important things. The first thing is that you need to know what you have to listen to.

Listen to what?

learn-english-rule3Make sure that you are listening only to easy English. Easy English here means that you are able to understand more than 95% of the spoken English without stopping or making use of a dictionary.

This means that you can listen to some sort of a children’s program. Or even a children’s audio book. Or else you can listen to a children’s movie. In case you wish to increase the level, you may listen to a teenager’s program. Or else listen to an audio book for teenagers, or even a teenager movie. All these are examples of simple things that you can listen to in order to speak English fluently.

In case you have the text, then you can listen to something that is a little bit more difficult. This means that once you have the text, you can listen to an English lesson. Basically you need to be able to read along as you listen. If you can do that while listening, it is alright. You may also listen to an audio article, or even a speech. Just make sure that you have the text, and then everything would be okay.

When to listen?

The second important thing here is to know when to listen. You may wish to listen all the time. In that case you can get an mp3 player or even an iPod. This way you can listen all the time, whenever you want!

You can listen on your way to work, during your lunch break or even when you exercise. Listen when you are on your way home from work. You may listen in the evenings or just before you are going to bed. Basically you need to listen as much as you can.

As you can see, Rule # 3 is all about practice English listening first. It is really easy yet super powerful too. Just focus on learning by using your ears and not just your eyes. In fact, this is the most powerful rule for helping you to learn English in a quick way. Once you follow this rule, you would be on your way to speaking proper English fluently.

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Learn Real English Conversation Course Review

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Thank you, Learn Real English! I live in Japan, but I am a businessman and always travel to other countries for work. I needed to learn how to speak English properly and to understand native English speakers for my job. Before I found Learn Real English, I tried everything. I spent so much money on classes and other programs, but they did not work. They seemed fine because I could read and understand but when I talked to English business clients, I could not understand or follow their words. I was always confused and felt embarrassed by my English because the lessons were too formal. The words I used were not how English speakers really talk to you. I was afraid I would lose clients because of my bad English.


But with this program, it was so easy! I bought this program 4 months ago and my English is so much better now. I have recommended this to many of my coworkers so they can learn to speak and understand English better too. When I purchased Learn Real English, I got the lessons right away and I started learning the same day! The files were emailed to me right away and then I downloaded them and could take them anywhere. I put the files on my cell phone so I could listen wherever I was. This was great for me as a busy businessman because I could study and learn every day no matter what. I listened to lessons in my car while I was driving to work, at the gym, at home, everywhere and especially on business trips. When I was on flights for work, I could listen the whole time with headphones and this really helped me to learn even faster. I really enjoyed the lessons and had fun learning real English.

My coworkers and clients started noticing my improved English too. I was on a business call with a client a few months ago and he remarked at how much more confident I sounded. He remembered how I used to hesitate when talking and think out my words and sentences before English speaking with them, but now it is like I have never had a problem with the language.

I think the biggest thing that I learned from Learn Real English was confidence. When I first started out, I was very nervous to learn. The English language is very hard and I was scared that even if I learned all the rules, I would never understand how to use them. Learn Real English, however, makes it very easy to learn the language and I can do it by myself, meaning I do not have to feel embarrassed if I do not understand something the first time.

One of the problems with my other English programs is that it was all book based. I do not learn well from textbooks but I learn well with hands on instruction. Learn Real English uses three teachers who are fun and interesting to watch. It is not just instruction, it also shows you some native phrases you can use that make conversations much easier when dealing with native English speakers. There is no reason to feel embarrassed when using them. Many native speakers would appreciate you trying to use these phrases, as it makes them feel “at home”.

Another problem I had was listening to English speakers. When they speak fast, it was hard to understand what they are saying because I could not translate it in my head fast enough and I felt embarrassed to keep asking them to slow down or repeat what they had just said. With Learn Real English, you do not just learn English speaking skills. You learn the best way to listen too. In my business, you must listen to the client and understand their concerns in order to address them. With Learn Real English, you will learn to listen to the speakers and how to understand them as if you spoke the language like a native person.

Learn Real English Conversations

Can you speak real English? Probably not. In school you did not learn real English. you learned textbook English. For example in school you learned “hi how are you? I’m fine and you?” Well real people almost never say that. We don’t say that. Real people say that “hey what’s up. What you’ve been doing? how you doing?” That is a real English greeting that we use everyday.

You never learned that in school, you never learned that in a textbook. To understand real people, to speak to real people, to have real English conversations, you must learn the real English that we use everyday. With learn real English, we always teach you real everyday English. Our lessons teach you the real English used by real people, not textbook English. Get our lessons today and start learning real English.

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I cannot recommend Learn Real English enough. I enjoyed the programs, the way they were made and the instructors themselves. I have even begun teaching my four year old basic English, so that she can grow up and learn both her native Japanese and English to succeed in today’s world.

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