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Learning a new language is one of the most difficult and rewarding things anyone can do. It requires you to not just memorize words, but understand them enough to craft original sentences and understand how they work. Repetition is one of the best ways to make this process second nature, but it can be hard to do without someone to practice with. That is why the best way to learn English is through reading.

learn-english-readingReading provides the kind of repetition that makes learning a new language easier. Familiar words can be used over and over until they are part of your thinking. You may find yourself reading a sentence in a magazine or book and suddenly realizing that you understand it easily! Reading can also help you learn new words through context and how they are used by the writer. When you are reading something in a new language, the words you already know are reinforced in your mind while new words are learned in an intuitive fashion.

Unlike talking which can be too fast or too hard to understand, reading allows you to go at your own pace. A book always waits for you and never rushes you. It can also let you visualize the words in your mind and familiarize you with their spellings. More importantly, reading is a mental exercise. Sometimes the hardest part of learning a new language is the disconnect between your head and your mouth. Reading allows your head to have a firm grasp on the words so it can tell the mouth what to say. In that way, reading improves not only your understanding of the language, but how you speak it as well.

Whether you have been studying for a long time or are new to the language, reading is one of the best ways to learn English. It allows you to go at your own pace, to have a visual image of a word and practice thinking in it. Whether you choose a long book or something as short as a blog post or magazine article, reading can improve your English language skills and give you more confidence in using what you know.

Learning English Reading & Listening Courses:

Success With Stories Strategy 2 Learn English With Repetition

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This is strategy number 2 for English fluency of Success With Stories listening course. In this post, you will find out how to understand English instantly and speak it automatically. You can also download mp3 audio and pdf text for this powerful lesson at the end of this post.

The first step in becoming fluent in English is to immerse yourself in the language. Simply put, you will want to listen to movies, songs, and podcasts, to name a few ideas, in English. Listening to the words you hear, you may realize that you can understand some of them, but not all of them. The second strategy to become fluent in English will help you here.

One of the best ways to learn a new language, in this case English, is to listen to words and phrases over and over again, repeating them until you understand them instantly.

You can learn English deeply by listening to as much recorded English as you can, over and over and over again. The first few times, a word or a phrase might not mean anything to you, but, as you listen to it and listen to it, you will begin to understand it, and it will make sense to you. Then you will be one step closer to English fluency.

Success with stories-courseSome of the hardest parts of the English language to learn are the slang expressions, the idioms and phrases that people use in their day to day conversation. Expressions such as “What’s up?” don’t necessarily literally mean what they sound like they mean. “What’s up?” for example, means how are you?, or what’s new with you? By hearing this phrase again and again, you will begin to understand it and its meaning.

Since listening to the same phrases all the time can get boring, you should space them out throughout the day, listening to them in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. Listen to different words throughout the week. This will not only help you to avoid boredom, but will also help you to learn the words better and recall more of them.

By listening to English words over and over, you will learn that it is possible to learn English with repetition. Once the words have become familiar to you, you will be able to understand and speak them correctly. Now click below link to download your free mp3+pdf lesson to listen with repetition.

Download Free English Lesson Here!

Success With Stories Strategy 1 For English Fluency

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I mentioned about Success with stories course before. There is a free email course which contains 7 rules to improve your English skills fast. I am going to share these rules with you and give you an mp3 listening lesson (+pdf text) for each rule. So you can download it into your computer and review it many times. Learn to speak English fluently with “7 Strategies For English Fluency”. This is an email course you can use for free to learn how to speak fluent English.

Strategy 1: Immerse yourself with English by listening

The first strategy is to listen to people speaking English. Immerse yourself with English speaking people as much as you can- try to be surrounded three hours or more a day with people talking in English. You will learn by listening; we learn languages with our ears. Look at how babies learn to talk; by listening to their mother’s voice. Babies spend the first year or so just listening to their parents, people around them; even to the television. Babies are immersed, or surrounded, by their language being spoken through devices such as; radios, story tapes or by people of all ages around them.

At first listening may be confusing or even frustrating. You will see people laughing and not understand what is funny, or you may see someone upset and not know why but; as you watch and listen more; certain words will start to stand out. You will start to recognize words associated with actions, then you will begin to learn words used with those actions; soon you will know phrases.

Watching as you listen will show how expressions are used with words. You have an advantage over babies learning as you know what your native expressions are and associate them to the English you are hearing. This association will allow you to learn new words- English words- that go with expressions. For example you know what ‘hot’ means in your language; and how to react, or express yourself to something that is ‘hot’. Watching how an English speaking person reacts will be similar; so when they say ‘hot’ you will learn a new word as you will recognize the reaction the person is expressing.

Also watch as words are associated with objects such as; cars, buses, different foods or drinks, as you will then learn the English words for them. You can also use this to learn the names of places when you watch and listen to English speaking people and the area around you; bathrooms, kitchens, house and many other everyday words.

Besides knowing words you will also need to learn expression. Again; this will come from listening. You have probably picked up a lot of expressions while learning the words, so this part may come much easier. By listening to English you will learn the beat or rhythm to the language. Train your ears to hear different sounds and it will help to pick up vocabulary. Knowing vocabulary will help you use the right words in expressing yourself.

When you start out learning English use the new broadcasts, or songs on the radio as they also give advertisements with more variety in different voices. Watch as many television shows as you can, or movies, as they too will add a lot of variety to different voices and expressions. Try to keep shows or stories simple at first like children’s versions or use books for travelers.

Learning how to speak English fluently is my goal so I have made audio programs for you to do just that. I have also included a lot of free audio files on my blog.


Download English Listening Lesson (mp3+pdf text)

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