Do you KNOW or do you USE the American Accent?

I hope you are doing well. Things always seem a little bit crazy during the holday season. But right now I have a question for you that I think you might want to ask yourself…

Are you learning about the American Accent because you want to be super smart, or are you learning it because you want to USE it? There is a difference and it concerns me.

I often see people picking up my programs and learning all kinds of new information about how Americans speak English. This is really cool. BUT, if you really want to speak English with an American accent you HAVE TO PRACTICE and USE it.

Here are the steps to gaining a new accent:

1. Become aware of how you are speaking English vs. how Americans are speaking it.
(My programs can help you with this.)

2. Learn what changes you need to make in order change your speech. (This is exactly what I show you in each of my accent programs.)

3. Start paying attention and noticing what you have learned when you listen in on native English speakers.
(Many people don’t do this enough and it’s a really important step in your progress.)

4. Practice what you have learned by speaking out loud to yourself and/ or following my programs. You need to get your mouth (and mind) used to creating new styles of speech.

5. Gradually add your new speech styles into your everyday conversations. If you do this little by little, you will get used to your new accent and in a short amount of time, you can see some huge differences.

Here are some programs I recommend getting started with if you haven’t already…

The American Accent Audio Course
A 16 hour audio course focusing on
intonation, rhythm and timing.

The American Accent Workshop
A 50 hour audio and video program with
pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and timing.
In this program you can also upgrade to get our live weekly Help Sessions online.

American Accent Coaching
Private personal coaching/ training where we meet online each week and work on whatever YOU need to work on.
(Please contact me if interested)

If you haven’t gotten started yet, or you have put things aside, why don’t you take a little time this holiday to work on improving your speech. You will thank yourself in 2012.

Let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Sheri Summers
“The Pronunciation Queen”

Accent on Speaking

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5 thoughts on “Do you KNOW or do you USE the American Accent?

  1. i think its so important to all of people so i have more interest in this language but i’m a simple speaker on this language so i wanna speek very fast and also i wanna speak in American accent so telll me now what should i do for learn so fastly i think you will telll me ok

  2. Hi,I am chinmaya introducing me as a software engineer.I am always thinking about my carior .i am technically sound but i am poor in english.Will u help me How can i improve my business communication.I like to wondering here and their.I love to all people because every people in world having some responsibility…

  3. hello .i wana speak English with american accent .what shold i do .please help me…………………………please

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