Rule 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

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Today is the last Rule, and it is the easiest:

Most English CDs use “listen and repeat”.   The speaker says something in English, and you repeat exactly what they said.  This method is a failure.

“Thanks very much! I am studying English according to your method. I will introduce your lessons to my friends!”
–Fred Zhao

**Rule 7:  A Story

Emi, a Japanese woman, had a problem.  Her speaking was SLOW. She could not answer questions quickly.
Emi listened to many English tapes and CDs.  She listened.  She  repeated what the speaker said. Emi emailed us. We recommended “Listen & Answer” lessons.  We told her not to use “listen and repeat“.

We told her to use “Listen & Answer” Mini-Stories. We told her that “listen and repeat” is not enough–  when you repeat, you only copy the speaker. But when you hear a question and you ANSWER it– you must think in English.
After using listen & ANSWER lessons for just 4 months, her speaking was fast, easy, and automatic.

Emi was excited.  She wrote:

The lessons are FANTASTIC!  I love them.  My speaking is so much faster now.  I understand quickly and I can now speak English without thinking.  I can’t believe it!

**RULE 7:  Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons

In each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story.  He also asks a lot of easy questions.   Every time you hear a question, you pause and answer it.

You learn to answer questions quickly– without thinking.  Your English becomes automatic.

How can you use Listen & Answer Stories?   Easy!  Find a native speaker tutor. Ask him to use this method:  Ask him to tell a story…  and to constantly ask you easy questions about it.    This will teach you to think quickly in English!

You can also find Listen & Answer lessons.  They will teach you to think quickly in English.

“Your technique is really mind blowing and working for me nicely. Fantastic! Once more thanks a lot!”
–Sameer Ansari

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Rule 6: Only Use Real English Conversations

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We want you to think about something today:  You have studied English for more than 4 years-  why do you still have trouble understanding native speakers?

Nothing is wrong with you.  Something is wrong with the schools you went to, and the textbooks you used.  English textbooks and audio tapes are horrible.

You never learned real conversational English.  You never learned casual English- the kind of English we use in normal conversations. You learned TEXTBOOK English.

“Your teaching is excellent! I´m very grateful to you. Thank you!”
Milan Hodac, Czech Republic

**How To Understand Native Speakers
Megdelio studied English for 5 years in Venezuela.  Teachers said he was an advanced student.  When he came to the USA he felt good. He was excited to meet Americans. He was ready.  He wrote:

One day I tried to talk to an American woman and everything changed.  The woman started talking– and I couldn’t understand her.  Not at all! Her pronunciation was totally different than the textbook tapes and CDs I listened to.  She used idioms, slang, and many casual phrases. I was totally confused.  That’s when I realized I needed to learn real English!

**You Must Learn Casual Conversational English
We taught Megdelio to learn with real English conversations– learning the English we use everyday in conversations, books, movies, TV shows, comic books, audio books, articles, newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

**Stop Learning Textbook English

If you want to understand native speakers, you must stop learning English from textbook tapes and CDs. To learn real English, you must listen to real English conversations… not to actors reading.  You listen to native speakers speaking real English.  You must study real conversations.

Listen only to English conversations
Listen only to English conversations
Listen only to English conversations

How do you learn casual English? It’s easy.  Stop using textbooks.  Instead, listen only to English conversations, movies, TV shows, audio books,  audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows.  Use real English conversations.

After 6 months of real English, Megdelio could speak easily.  He could understand English from real native speakers.   You will too.

“I’m very glad to get your Lessons. I was probably like many of your students – good at tests but hopeless at speaking. I wish I had known your method earlier!”
–Barbara Sitko

**RULE 6:  Only Use Real English Conversations & Materials

You learn casual conversational English if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily.  Use real conversations, magazines, audio articles, TV shows, movies, radio talk shows, and audio books.

Learn Real English, Not Textbook English
Learn Real English, Not Textbook English

**The Final Rule
In the next post, we will tell you the final rule. we’ll teach you how to speak 2-3 times faster. Until then, have a great day and enjoy learning English!

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Rule 5: Point Of View Mini-Stories

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On Day 2, we told you never to study grammar rules.  But, of course, you want to use correct English grammar. Maybe you are thinking, “How can I learn English grammar if I don’t study English grammar rules?” Well, today we will tell you.

We will teach you a way to learn grammar naturally.  Use this method and your grammar will improve automatically.  You will automatically use the correct verb tense.  You won’t think.  You won’t try.

“I am glad to tell you that I have improved my English after listening to your Lessons.  I think your system is great.”
–Aleister Yu, Singapore

Learn English Grammar

**Rule 5: A Story

Miyuki did very well on grammar tests.  She knew all of the grammar rules.  She knew English verbs.

But Miyuki had a problem.  She couldn’t USE the grammar in a real conversation.   She could explain the past tense, but when speaking, she would say “Yesterday I GO to school”.
Miyuki was confused.  How could her grammar tests be so good, but her speaking so bad?

Miyuki said:

Before your lessons, I knew all the grammar rules, but I couldn’t speak correctly.  I couldn’t feel English grammar. After using point of view stories, I feel it and use it correctly. Now my grammar is great when I speak.  I never think about it, I just automatically use correct grammar.  Thank you!

Miyuki learned this grammar naturally.  She never studied grammar rules.  How did she do it?

First she listened to a short story in the present tense. She listened to it everyday.

Then, she listened to the exact SAME story– but this time it started with “10 years ago….”   She learned to “feel” the past tense by listening to this story.

Next, we gave her the exact same story.  This time, it started with “Since 2004…”   Miyuki learned to FEEL the perfect tenses by listening to this story.

Finally, we gave her the exact same story… beginning with “Next year”.   She learned to FEEL the future tense simply by listening to this story.

“Thanks A Lot.  I Can’t Believe I Found The Solution To My Problems.  Thanks From The Bottom Of My Heart!”
–Eman Awad

***RULE 5: Use Point Of View Mini-Stories

We call these stories “Point Of View Mini-Stories”.  They are the most powerful way to learn and use English grammar automatically.

Use Point of View Stories for Automatic Grammar
Use Point of View Stories for Automatic Grammar

You must learn grammar by listening to real English.  The best way is to listen to stories… told in different times (points of  view):  Past, Perfect, Present, Future.

How do you do this?  Easy!  Find a story or article in the present tense.  Then ask your native speaker tutor to write it again in the Past, with Perfect tenses, and in the Future.  Finally, ask him to read and record these stories for you.

Then you can listen to stories with many different kinds of grammar.  You don’t need to know the grammar rules.  Just listen to the Point of View stories and you will improve grammar automatically!

You can also find Point of View lessons and use them to learn grammar automatically. It is powerful.  It is simple.  It is successful. You will succeedYou will use correct grammar naturally and automatically.

This is the secret to English grammar.

“Hi.  I want to tell you that I really really benefited from your lessons. Everyday I meet my American teacher and I can really communicate with him.  I really don’t know how to thank you!!!!”
–Shimo Abbas

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