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Effortless English Download

Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, the director of Effortless English. And now, I want to show you how exactly you get your lesson. Because, all of my lessons are digital. That’s great because you get them right now. You don’t need to wait for the mail. There is no mail, there is no extra mail cost. Instead, I send you an e-mail with a link and then you click the link and you download each lesson set to your computer. You can use them right now, today, immediately.

Let me show you how that works. First of course, you go down to the button of this web site and click this big red button. It says buy lessons now. And after you click the button you will go to the payment page. So, let’s imagine you have already paid. After you paid you get immediately an e-mail from effortless english. So let’s look at the e-mail now. So I just paid and you will see here an e-mail from Effortless English LLC. That is the lesson e-mail. This e-mail contains lessons. So, you see the subject here “Original Effortless English Lessons”. So you wanna open that e-mail. It is the e-mail inside.

You can download files for Original Effortless English Lessons. And then, there is the link. To get the lessons, simply click the link in your e-mail. And click it, boom there it is. This is the lesson download page. You see, we have a long list of lessons. These are all of the lesson sets. Each of these actually has three or four files. Three or four lessons inside it. So these are lesson sets there are mp3 audio files, fort he audio. Mp3 of course you can use them your computer, you can listen on your computer, you can also put them in your ipod which is great because you can learn anywhere. And there are text files inside also, each lessons set. Those are pdf adobe files. Don’t worry your computer has adobe reader so you can easily read the text also.

So how do we get these? Well it is very easy. You see right here, each one says click here to download. For example this is the welcome guide. This is the first thing you read. The welcome guide tells you exactly how to use the lessons. So to download one of these use just clik here, so click here boom. And my computer asks me you have chosen to open welcome guide and I just click Ok. And then see starts to downloading right now. Welcome guide download. 26 seconds remaining. So download onto your computer. And you save it on your computer and it is yours forever, right. You have it forever. And you see you can get it right now, immediately. You don’t need to wait one week, two weeks for the mail. No mail it is immediate, right now. So simple, so easy. It is great.

So, as you can see, it is almost finish downloading. And when the download finishes you simply open the set and then you have it. So let’s have a look it right now. Here we go, see is ta ta ta finish and boom. It opens immediately and this is the welcome giude. The Effortless English Clup, welcome guide with A.J. Hoge. That is your first one. The welcome guide is just text. It just tells you how to use the lesson. You can see, and just close this, and then we have first lesson the day for the death lesson. Again you just click, download, open it and you can listen all of the lessons inside. We have another one, a kiss is the name another lesson set. So again each of lesson set, for example “A Kiss” there is a vocabulary lesson inside, there is a mini story lesson inside, there is an audio article inside, there is text inside. And many of these also have point of view mini stories inside. And also commentaries. So you get a lot of different lessons inside each of these.

So we have a little bit levels it says one, it is easier. The day for the death lesson is propably the easiest lesson in all of these. And then we have level two. It is a little bit more difficult. But not too difficult, the level two lessons are still pretty easy.  And then you can see we have level tree, cofe Puccini lesson, Disobedience Lessons. And the level 3 certainly is the highest. They can be more and more difficult. They are more advanced. So you can go from easier to more difficult and finally to quite advanced. And then finally too, you aclually some bonuses, you can see here, bonus Hitch lessons 1, Bonus Hitch lessons 2, Bonus Hitch lessons 3. Hitch is a movie. So these bonus lessons help you understand part of the Hithc movie. So they are really great. Everybody loves Hitch lessons so they are fantastic.

And so, that’i it. That’s  all. All you need to do, to get the lessons. So you get them now, click the big red button and you fill out your information, and then check your e-mail immediately, start getting the lessons right now. You can start using these lessons today. This whole process takes maybe  five minutes, So in five minutes you can be listening to your first effortless english lesson. I look forward to being your teacher. I am so happy I can teach you. I will see you again, bye bye.

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  1. aso on Cts, 30th Tem 2011 3:38 pm
  2. i want learn english with your lessons,because your leasson are very good for me,and now i want download your leasson for free,can you help me for it,may be you know my emile,becauseof you can help me how you want,butknow i used your leasson but no mor little,can you help me,thanks,Aso

  3. naveen kumar jangra on Pts, 19th Eyl 2011 9:53 am
  4. hi, this naveen kumar i want to get some important english speaking course video for improve my english please send your right video for english speaking course thank you…
    your sincerely
    naveen kumar jangra
    have a nice day

  5. Richard MPOYI PIKALAKU on Cts, 12th Kas 2011 12:50 pm
  6. Hi AJ. I’m very interesting by your method for learn english easily. Since i discovered you in the net I decided to improve my understanding and spiking. would you like to guide me how to download your videos lesson free? Sincerely thank you and have a nice day.

  7. admin on Cts, 12th Kas 2011 2:33 pm
  8. Hi Richard, we are sharing English video lessons from Youtube. So you can download Youtube videos easily. I recommend you to use Jdownloader. Click here and watch the video to see hot to download Youtube videos with Jdownloader. Have a nice day, bye bye..

  9. Rajessi on Çar, 21st Ara 2011 7:35 pm
  10. Hai, i am raj i want to download english lession videos how to download

  11. haryanto on Sal, 6th Mar 2012 12:49 pm
  12. i want to learn english with your lessons,becouse your lesson are very good for me and i want to downlod your lesson free.

  13. nguyen thi lieu on Sal, 13th Mar 2012 1:15 pm
  14. i want learn english with your lessons,because your leasson are very good for me,and now i want download your leasson for free,can you help me for it,may be you know my emile,becauseof you can help me how you want,butknow i used your leasson but no mor little,can you help me,thanks,Aso

  15. inam khan on Çar, 4th Nis 2012 4:23 am
  16. i want to learn english fluently and download your vedios

  17. Rahul Roy on Sal, 9th Eki 2012 3:10 pm
  18. Hi, I am Rahul Roy, I want to learn English, Please help me and I also want to free download video oriented speaking English Course. Can you provide me.

  19. Rahul Roy on Sal, 9th Eki 2012 3:19 pm
  20. I want to free downlod English Speaking video

  21. Saeed on Cts, 10th Kas 2012 9:48 am
  22. thankyou more more i am very interested with your important lissons and i want to learn inglish with you and i love the inglish’s downloadable Mp3 to always be presennt in my computer because during night i haven’t net if you respectively send me i will be more approciated from you with best regarding

  23. ali on Cum, 23rd Kas 2012 7:48 am
  24. I want to free downlod English Speaking video, may you help me to download free ?

  25. admin on Per, 29th Kas 2012 1:36 pm
  26. Hi Ali, you can watch English speaking videos at Effortless English section.

  27. Tai on Sal, 11th Ara 2012 10:09 am
  28. Hi, thanks for your sharing and free give us skills for learning English.
    I am Vietnamese but live in China now. You know, I cant get anything from Youtube here, eventhought download with Mediafire links. So, can you show me another way to get these lessons ?
    Really thank you again
    Wish the best

  29. admin on Cum, 14th Ara 2012 12:03 pm
  30. Hi Tai, I am sorry. I don’t know how to watch English video lessons in China. You should search about it on internet.

  31. Getinet Kassahun on Per, 10th Oca 2013 11:34 am
  32. Hi, I am Getinet Kassahun, I want to learn English, Please help me and I also want to free download video oriented speaking English Course. Can you provide me.

  33. admin on Cum, 11th Oca 2013 8:37 am
  34. Hi Getinet Kassahun, you can watch Effortless English speaking course videos for free in our website. Click here to watch videos.

  35. nan on Cts, 26th Oca 2013 3:04 am
  36. i love to listen them.

  37. Sandeep on Çar, 27th Şub 2013 12:19 pm
  38. i m sandeep , i want learnt english grammer so that i want ur grammer as well basic vidos pls send my email..

  39. Nitin on Sal, 12th Mar 2013 3:46 pm
  40. Dear sir.
    i wanna english speaking mp3 n vedeo.

  41. DHIRAJ on Per, 14th Mar 2013 11:20 am
  42. First what listen the music

  43. Saifullah on Cts, 17th May 2014 4:32 am
  44. Speaking and learning English

  45. Muhammad Iftikhar Jani on Sal, 2nd Eyl 2014 5:02 am
  46. Dear Sir.
    i’wanna your english vidio lessons and full course but i dont no how to download it kindly tell me the way how to download your vidio lessons its a humble request to u,,

  47. admin on Per, 4th Eyl 2014 12:20 pm
  48. Hi Muhammad, please watch this video: how to download Effortless English lessons.

  49. krishna khanal on Sal, 4th Kas 2014 4:23 pm
  50. i want to learn english

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