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BBC Learning English: Learn English idioms with The Teacher. Red Idioms.

Learn English with The Teacher and BBC Learning English. In this episode, The Teacher introduces three idioms all connected with the colour red.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with the
colour red.
1. Paint the town red
2. Catch someone red-handed
3. Like a red rag to a bull

Hello. I’m a very interesting and intelligent man.
And today the colour red and I are getting together to teach you some English idioms.
I bet you’ve never been taught by the colour red before!
Are you REDy to be taught by the colour red. Get it? REDy to be taught!? Get it?!
No. I’m not doing that joke again.
You see, I’m actually a very serious man.
Here I am meeting the Queen’s husband at Buckingham Palace to receive my award.
I did celebrate afterwards…a little… well, a lot.
That’s right. I painted the town red.
In English, if you go out to celebrate something, usually while drinking a lot of alcohol, we
say “I painted the town red.”

I painted the town red.
Perhaps a little too red…
After the party I took some friends back to the office and… borrowed some of my boss’s
The trouble was… he was still working… in the next room.
That’s right. He caught me red-handed.
In English, if you find someone doing something bad or illegal while they are doing it, we

say: ‘I caught him red-handed’.

I caught him red-handed.
Ah, bulls.
Lovely, friendly animals, aren’t they?
But not… if you do this!
That’s right. It’s like a red rag to a bull.
In English, if you do something that is certain to create an angry response, we say it’s like a
red rag to a bull.
It’s like a red rag to a bull
I’m outta here!


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